Whether you would like to learn more about photography or explore unique places with your camera, Tom Marsh's Yorkshire Photo Walks cater for all levels and abilities. Tom releases seasonal schedules of awe-inspiring photographic walks as well as bespoke, private group and 1to1 Photo Walks, which can be booked on a date and at time that suits you.


Tom has always been inspired by Yorkshire. Growing up on the outskirts of Leeds; the southern dales, West Yorkshire Pennines and Washburn Valley were his childhood playground. As he got older he explored further afield and eventually got to know every nook and cranny of this beautiful county. Today Tom stages his Photo Walks in amazing Yorkshire locations, others may not even know about. His knowledge of photography and Yorkshire go hand in hand to help all photographers get that unique photograph.


He goes by a self-titled philosophy, 'thinking photographically,' tempting participants away from a point and shoot mentality towards a much more considered approach. Beginners on his walks are taught about the capabilities of their camera, trained in composition skills and mentored in technical execution and creative individuality. Enthusiasts are shown unique and exciting locations, encouraged to explore different creative avenues and given expert photograph critiques.


Taking place every other Saturday and some weekday evenings all year round, Tom's Yorkshire Photo Walks offer unique opportunities to all levels of photographer. Released in seasonal schedules, the walks help you to get the most out of Yorkshire's varied and inspirational year.  Tom also offers private group and 1to1 courses, which are perfect for individuals taking the next step or  camera clubs looking for unique group outings.


Scheduled Photo Walks...

More often than not, there are two sessions per Saturday. Usually linked in some way, we visit two locations in close proximity to get the most out of the day. Depending on your weekend plans you can do both walks or just one. After the last session of the day you are welcome to join us in a local pub to discuss our photographs over a leisurely drink. It not only helps you to relax after a great day out and about, it is a great social experience too.


The walks are designed so you don't get bombarded with too much information in one go. Most sessions are two hours in length, giving you the opportunity to return time after time to explore another unique location and learn something new.


Private Group & 1to1 Photo Walks...

Tom's bespoke 1to1 and private group walks can be booked at a location, on a date and at a time that suits you. Tom plans each session with the participant or participants in mind so you will attain exactly what you set out to achieve from the session.


The atmosphere on all of Tom's Photo Walks is relaxed and jovial. After all photography is an enjoyable hobby and Tom believes that the experience of learning about it should be part of that enjoyment.



Photo Walkers on our annual 'Brilliant Bluebells' Photo Walk


Tom took his first ever photograph in the grounds of Bolton Abbey at the age of 6, with his parent's throw away camera. Since then photography has always fascinated him. It remained a hobby until he went to Bradford University to Study website design. During the course he studied a module called 'Digital Imaging', which was to change his life. It opened his eyes to what photography could be and from that moment on he knew it was what he wanted to do as a profession.


In 2012 he embarked upon a Masters Degree. Studying photography at the University of Westminster was one of the best experiences of his life. He visited weird and wonderful photographic exhibitions in London on a weekly basis and was taught by some of the best photography brains in the country. In 2014 he was involved in an exhibition in the heart of London's Marylebone. With rave reviews in the Independent newspaper and Source Magazine he really felt that he had made it.


As well as his tutoring Tom also carries out freelance work for various organisations and produces his own thought provoking photographic art work which he exhibits and sells. Even though Tom studied on an internationally acclaimed course, in the heart of England's capital, he still makes sure he stays true to his Yorkshire routes. He says "I am still yet to see anything more stunning than the Yorkshire Dales on a summer evening or the sun glinting on the sea, framed by Whitby's harbour breakers or even crisp winter mornings in the Washburn Valley.'


Tom's Yorkshire Photo Walks are his way of giving people the same amazing experiences he has had throughout his life in photography.